Oct 19, 2021 ยท Anonymous wrote:How was Cogat for your 2nd grader this year? My son found the test pretty easy. He scored very high in NNAT and has a natural ability for non verbal questions. He is also an advanced reader and gets math easily. Is that why he found cogat easy? I mean is the test easy or hard? Are they making it easy so more students score well?. Gifted CogAT test prep app improves your child's cognitive thinking skills. It has thousands of questions that your child will enjoy solving & will strengthen his/her CogAT nonverbal, verbal, and quantitative skills. It will also help you identify your child's weaknesses & help them improve. Get daily CogAT practice tests and 300+ free CogAT. COGAT Test The correct answer is: d) The child will be expected to identify that the three images are all household pets, they should then choose the goldfish bowl as the others can not be described as pets. Paper Folding Students are shown images of paper with dotted lines or holes punched into it. "/>Is the cogat test hard